Mauj, Jambro Jamathon @ Electrik Room Karachi

Improvised jamming with the brand new lineup for Mauj with the original Omran Shafique on guitars joined by Anas Alam on bass and Aziz Kazi on drums! Find talented musicians on the Jambro app! Available on all good app stores. Visit for more epic jams! HIT SUBSCRIBE!

Jambro Baby, Jambro JAMATHON @IAmKhi Music Festival 2017

Put up a Jambro stage they said. It will be epic they said and EPIC it was!!! Totally random grouping of talented musicians, some friends, some meeting each other for the first time, some just gotten off the main stage after a rocking performance in this epic jam. Featured artists: Zoe Viccaji/Vocals Rachel Viccaji/Vocals Zeeshan […]

Alley, Jambro JAMATHON @IAmKhi Music Festival 2017

The festival was over but there the Jambro stage was just getting lit! Kami Paul, Abid Brohi and a host of other talented musicians got on stage and bust an impromptu version of the classic “Alley” in full baloch groove. Discover lit musicians from around the world on Jambro! Available for iOS and Android. Get […]

Fuse Control, Jambro JAMATHON @IAmKhi Music Festival 2017

More epic jamming from the Jambro stage at I am Karachi Music Festival 2017. Talented musicians from the Jambro community got on stage to play 100% live and improvised music representing everything that the Jambro app stands for. This particular jam, well, there’s no other way to put it, its just mind blowing. Just stop […]

Jan Jan (Grant Green), Jambro JAMATHON @IAmKhi Music Festival 2017

In Dec 2017, Jambro set up a jam stage at Karachi’s biggest music festival – I am Karachi! The Jambro stage was intended as a spot where musicians in the crowd (and even those performing on the main stage) could come together for live and improvised jamming. Reflecting the vision behind the Jambro App, the […]